City Beneath the Sea was created from two pieces of decorative tin, a salvaged plaster fleur de lis, long a symbol of New Orleans and even more so since Katrina, and a tiny wood saint from a prayer bracelet. 34" x 34" SOLD

Good Dog, Bad Dog 2 is a whimsical piece composed of a cut metal portrait of two dogs, a pice of painted wood, a smashed gas stove burner cover, and a wood tile. SOLD

Cross and Flower is very simply constructed of a plaster cross, a pice of carved wood, and a cork and wood platter. SOLD

Angel with Pillars is composed from a plaster angel, two halves of a furniture leg, a platter, an acrylic tray, and a plastic decorative panel. SOLD

Orion is about things I can not yet face. It is composed of a time worn shell, a fragment of rusted shelving, a glass bowl, and three pieces of wood. 23"x 47" SOLD
Mississippi Houses starts with a battered and stained piece of linoleum which I picked up soon after the storm. It is layered with more debris, including a fragment of painted furniture, a glass cabinet door, and a ceramic house which I found in a thrift shop in Texas. 16" x 34" SOLD

Gumbo starts with the broken carved wooden female figure. It is mounted upon a frame laid over the cover from a 1955 Louisiana State University yearbook. The support is a piece of scrapwood and a furniture fragment. I like this piece. So did Emily and Jennifer. SOLD

Our Lady of the Gulf is a reference to one of the churches here which was damaged in the storm. The plaster angel is mounted upon a wooden cross and a rusted silver platter. Support for the piece is a wood tile. 16" x 16" SOLD

Angel of the Seventh Step is a reference to Frank McCourt's wonderful book Angela's Ashes. This plaster angel is mounted on a piece of rusted metal and is surrounded by fragments of a metal staicase. The other elements include a gold charger, a brass vessel holder, and a piece of a picture frame. 21" x 13" SOLD
A Reliquary for Louise came about when a kind woman from northern Mississippi sent me a handful of debris she had picked up while volunteering on the coast. After several unsuccessful attempts to create a cohesive arrangement of her fragments, I decided to take the same tact I had with the piece for the Carters. I enclosed her fragments in the warm embrace of a reliquary. The structure itself is composed from a salvaged jewelry box, two pieces of painted plywood, a metal angel and some resin wings. The glass in the door has been frosted with paint, so one can only glimpse a shadow of the treasures lying within. I added the pages of the letter which Louise wrote to me about her experiences here; they are rolled up and tied with copper wire and are nestled among the debris. 15" x 22" x 5" SOLD

Gabrielle's Mask 3 was composed from another mask by Gabriel Q, a wonderful vertical painting of a fish given me by Ellis, some mardi gras beads that were fished out of the debris as well as some strings of rhinestones from a mardi gras ball gown circa 1920. The peacock feathers that make up the headress are of painted metal, and the frame is also from a debris pile. 14" x 43" SOLD

Old World Madonna The madonna in this piece is caught between the old world, represented by the map reproduction on the platter, and modernity, which is represented by the boogie board. The statue is made of acrylic, and the halo is made from fragments of a painted bamboo curtain. 19" x 30" SOLD

Mardi Gras was created from a real Mardi Gras paper mache mask created by New Orleans mask maker Gabriel Q. I paired it with a cupboard door, an Asian fan, and colorful yarn which hangs down below the door. 16" x 20" SOLD

Fleur de Lis Saint began with the wonderful carved wood santo from Guatemala. I paired it with a painted wood bread bowl, a handcarved cross, a metal fleur di lis which once graced a napkin ring, a wood and metal window guard from Mexico, and a painted piece of scrap plywood. 20" x 33" SOLD

Antiquity centers around the polymer clay relief which speaks to me of the humanist tradition in the arts. The clay medallion rests in a cast metal leaf form, adhered to an acrylic clock. The support for the piece is a cupboard door. 18" x 18" SOLD

Ornate Angel features a plaster angel mounted on a decorative piece of molded plastic. It is completed by a painted wood tray and a pice of a picture frame. SOLD

Hawk on the Wing is composed from a battered metal wing, mounted upon a wood and metal wheel. These are in turn resting upon two other pieces of metal, and the horizontal support is provided by the back piece of a chair. The title came from a Jerry Jeff Walker song which is about the beauty of the west, and it all came together very nicely with the form resembling steer horns. 33" x 14" SOLD

Bird in the Brambles is one of those sweet pieces which seems to compose itself. It fell together so easily that I almost felt left out of the process. A ceramic bird is nestled in the brambles (a group of twigs which some person had merged together-I discovered it in a garbage can on the street) and behind the twigs is the most beautiful piece of patined metal I have ever found. I held on to it for several months, waiting to find companions for it that would not obscure its beauty. The metal is mounted on a battered wood window frame which was dropped off for me, I think by my friend Julie Nelson. 20" x 23" SOLD

Anasazi is a special piece for me, because it starts with a piece of Anasazi pottery which I purchased in Arizona twenty years ago. The Anasazi were one of the oldest groups of indigenous people of the Southwest of whom we are aware. I recovered several pieces of this pottery several months after the storm-they were stored in a metal cabinet in my studio, and thus were protected. The sherd is mounted upon a piece of plastic inlaid with metal, and a patined charger. The wood section reminds me of a brand design which I have seen used in the west-the rocking chair design. 20" x 25" SOLD

Albuquerque Cross is so named because something about it makes me think of those beautiful old Spanish missions in the Southwest. It is composed from a resin cross, a piece of cookware, a frame, a gold painted acrylic platter, and a piece of a picture frame. 18" x 14" SOLD

500 Years is about the cycle of creation and destruction in nature. The fragment of wood in the center is a portion, all that is left, of a chair which my husband made from 500 year old pecky cypress. Mounted upon it is a green leaf, and the support for the piece is a bamboo tray. SOLD

Secrets II starts with a beautiful etching mounted upon a ruined photographa with just the riht colors. these elements are embraced within a picture frame, and mounted upon a heavily damaged child's portarait by Olan Mills. The backing board is plywood, and is embraced by another frame and two furniture legs. 24" x 22" SOLD

When Time Stopped incorporates a damaged mantel clock, a brass hand, a wooden tile and woven bamboo platter, and an aluminum platter. 18" x 23"SOLD

Broiled Fish is a tongue in cheek piece which starts with a painted and carved wooden fish, some bamboo skewers, and a broiler pan. It is completed with an enameled dinner plate and a reed wreath. SOLD

Lisa's Find is about the two pieces that my friend Lisa found washed up in her yard in Biloxi. The painted and carved wooden face and the worry dolls barrette(remember them?) are mounted on a vinyl record (remember THEM?), a battered piece of painted plywood, and a piece of a picture frame. A small beaded fragment completes the piece. 26" x 16" SOLD

Rebirth is about spring hitting Mississippi. It is composed from a painted metal flower, ceramic leaves and bird, a wire and reed form,and a backing board. SOLD

Wedding Present incorporates a ceramic flower form, a beaded velvet purse, hand crocheted lace, mardi gras ball gown fragment, rusted metal and a portion of a chair. SOLD

A Wing and a Prayer was created from a resin cross inlaid with glass, a rusted silver platter, acrylic plate and furniture fragment, mirror tiles and plaster wings. SOLD
Mendicant was created from a rusty cookie pan, a decorative magnifying glass, a small wooden box and disc, and a plastic figurine and arched window from post-Katrina Louisiana. 12" x 9" SOLD

Tornado is a bit of a mystery. I fashioned it from a piece of painted board, a wire fan guard, three iron steer medallions and a piece of painted steel that I picked up in New Orleans on Mardi Gras. I don't know the significance of the painted "tornado". SOLD

The Measure of All Things begins with the wooden mannequin which I discovered in a patch of woods off Bayou LaCroix Road. It is mounted on an ornate brass easel, an aluminum platter, and two pieces of wood. Mirror tiles, painted metal wings and glass beads complete the piece. SOLD

Buddha is centered around the wood box painted with the image. Inside the box is a piece of Chinese calligraphy. The box is mounted on a piece of carved wood, and has a crosspiece of a fragment of a Chinese wedding bed. The support for the piece is an acrylic platter. SOLD

Shell Dance starts with a piece of pottery salvaged from a studio in Bay St. Louis. It has been embellished with pages from "To Kill a Mockingbird" and some mica from South Dakota. The central fifure is a painted wooden mannequin. The "halo" is a painted copper bracelet retrieved from the mud behind my studio. SOLD

Other Than That starts with a wooden hand with moveable digits. It is emerging from a beaded velvet handbag, and is resting upon a pice of crocheted lace and a fragment of a beaded mardi gras ball gown. A circular piece of rusty metal and a fragment of an English chair provide support. SOLD

Portage Cross is made from a plaster cross, an etching on metal, a wood bowl and two wooden plaques. SOLD

Shelter From the Storm is constructed from a wooden drawer, a painted platter and a metal horse from China, and a piece of moulding. Inside the horse is a bit of lagniappe. SOLD

Buddha in a Box started with a carved stone buddha which I picked up in San Francisco's Chinatown. It is nestled in a box which formerly housed a clock, and given shelter with a piece of moulding. The support for the piece is a metal screen on top of a platter. SOLD

When It All Comes Together is comprised of a fragment of a picture frame, two wooden tiles, a brass fan, a circular piece of rusted metal, a smashed wastecan, a plaster architectural element, and a wooden hand with moveable fingers. This piece is about the joyous result of finding elements that are perfect with each other. 25" x 25" SOLD

Ceiling Tin Angel incorporates a plaster figurine, a storm-damaged picture frame, and a painted ceiling tin. SOLD

Altar II has at its center a candle carved in the form of an angel. I adhered it to a battered silver platter, which rests in a glass and metal stand. Two candles on either side of the angel complete the piece. SOLD

Looking Glass was a fun piece to put together. I adhered a damaged painting to a piece of wood, and began layering. A painted brass frame features a woman with her back to the viewer-I placed a piece of mirror glass in front of her face, and attached other pieces to the painting as well. A carved and painted parrot completes the piece. SOLD

Glass Heart starts with the wonderfully textured heart which comes from post-Katrina New Orleans. It is nestled in a small drawer, paired with purchased wings, a link to a chain, a nail and a wood shingle. SOLD 7/08

Cross on the Round features a purchased ceramic heart layered on a piece of wood which is nestled into a carved wood bowl. SOLD

Cinco de Mayo was buit around one of several ceramic masks which I bought in Mexico years ago. I paited it with a broken fan blade, a handle to an outside spigot, a piece of decorative plastic and a picture frame fragment, then painted the pieces to complement the mask. SOLD

Good Dog Bad Dog VI is created from fan blade, a piece of a picture frame, a wood platter and yet one more of the metal doggies. SOLD

Arts and Crafts I was created around this beautiful old tile I picked up in Richmond, Virgiania. I layered it on a smashed piece of thin metal, a damaged enameled plate and a fragment of wood. SOLD
Nicosia Saint is the first in a new series. While on a recent trip to Cyprus, I picked up some of these plaster god heads. I paired this head with a slat from a barrel which Karina dismantled, a metal cross, pottery fragments, resin wings and a piece of painted plywood. SOLD
Bethlehem Angel was created for my recent show in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. It is created from a couple of paintbrushes, a recovered kitchen cabinet door, an old grater, a painted metal peacock feather, a doll head, two wings, and a resin "halo" that was left for me at the gallery a month or two ago. SOLD

"Northeast Quadra nt" from The Katrina Collection The Katrina Collection is a series of mixed media assemblages which incorpor...