6 and 7/8 This abstract piece was created from a hat form (I think!), handmade paper, part of a wood box, and a cupboard door. 14" x 17"

Vessel II This piece was made from a cupboard door, handmade paper, and a wall vessel which I purchased from a craft store which flooded in Katrina. 13" x 28"

Three Paths This piece was created from a cupboard door, handmade paper, a salvaged wood column, and three Asian carved pieces of bone. I purchased these in the San Francisco area, and recovered 7 of the original 8 pieces to the set. 11" x 30"

The Human Condition Most of us have probably experienced the situation this piece references. I know that there have been many times when I feel as though i have been beating my head against a wll to get something accomplished within a deadline. The elements of this piece include a headless acrylic human form, a clock, an auger, scrap wood, a wood boix and drawer from a desk. 10" x 25"

Measure of Man II is composed from a wood factory mold, several fragments of picture molding, a painted wood manikin, and a fragment of fine furniture.14" x 24"

All Shook Up was a really fun piece to create. I painted a cupboard door, and began arranging the fragments of musical instruments and the remains of a broken table on its surface. The title refers, of course, to the song made popular by Elvis. 20" x 36"    SOLD

"Northeast Quadra nt" from The Katrina Collection The Katrina Collection is a series of mixed media assemblages which incorpor...