Gustav/ Three SOLD

Gustav/ Medicine Man SOLD

Gustav/ Art and Soul 2 sold

Gustav/ Art and Soul 1 SOLD

Heat of Dixie began with a piece of debris which I have handled dozens of times, waiting to find a place for it. I am not sure what this is, that forms the body of the figure; a knife case perhaps? It is badly damaged, and held together by several coatings of a medium. I rested it upon a purchased metal cross and sandwiched in between is an Alabama license plate. The face and "crown" are of polymer clay. SOLD 7/08
Heart of Dixie began with the beautifully rusted license plate, which I mounted on a couple of pieces of scrap board. The body was made from a tassle which came from the debris of an antiques store, the arms are made from another scrap of wood, the face is a salvaged porton of a mardi gras necklace, and the hair is a fragment of cheesecloth from one of my workshops. SOLD
Seed Pod Saint III was composed from two pieces of scrap plywood, an intriguing seed pod, a face of polymer clay and some wings I cut out of matboard. 8" x 9" SOLD

Seed Pod Saint I was created from two pieces of scrap plywood, a seed pod, two wings cut out from matboard, and a head of polymer clay. 12" x 5" SOLD
Angel with a Silk Scarf was created from a piece of scrap plywood, a scrap of canvas, a decorative ceiling tile, door hardware, wood candle holder, pieces of silk torn from a pillow which I recovered from a debris pile in the Bay, and a face I made from polymer clay. 16" x 18" SOLD
Timeless Angel was composed from a fragment of fine furniture, a portion of a picture frame, an old clock face, feather wings, iron halo with Chinese characters, a polymer face and a tin ceiling tile. SOLD
Dragonfly Angel was created from a small cutting board, several glass "river stones", a torn up placemat from the debris outside a store in Bay St Louis, a wire and glass dragonfly, and a face I made from polymer clay. SOLD to a sweet woman in Rome, Georgia.
Cynthia's Angel was created for a Texas couple whom I met recently. We fast became friends, and I wanted to show them some support in their courageous battle with cancer. The strength of people like Cynthia and Royce never ceases to amaze me.

Joe's Lantern was created for one of the volunteers who helped Cairo and I build our new house. Joe, Jay and Ellen braved spiders, wasps and who knows what else as they installed all new lighting fixtures in my barn.
Sandpaper Angel was created for my friends Pat and Leverne Hendricks. Leverne left his home in Pennsylvania for over two years on the coast, helping people rebuild their homes-and his lovely wife Pat let him!

Green Leaf Angel is a very small piece formed from a tiny acrylic angel, a pottery sherd, an acrylic leaf and a piece of a broken wooden bowl. SOLD

Survivors Guilt has several layers of meaning. It is composed from an old clock, a doll, three porcelain heads, two copper fans, three pieces of clay, and beer caps. 13" x 21" x 5" SOLD

Nautilus Amulet is another one of those amazing finds. My husband had cut the nautilus shape from a piece of copper several months before the storm, and I had hung the strings of beads and charms. It showed up in the debris months after the storm. It is mounted on a rusted piece of painted meatal, a painted charger and a piece of plywood. Three pennies with the "Katrina Patina" complete the piece. SOLD

Squash Blossom Opera incorporates a chair back which was given me by Mrs. Ott of Waveland Avenue, a stringed musical instrument, a copper fan given to me by Dwight from Shabby Chic in Bay St. Louis, a door plate, several pennies, and several turquoise and silver pieces from a squash blossom necklace which survived Katrina in the woods behind my studio. SOLD

Circles of Life is made from a wooden angel, a decorative metal piece and a wooden tile. 16" x 16". SOLD

New Growth is a piece that is symbolic of our emergence from the long Katrina winter. The vines with green leaves that are curling behind this angel indicate our hope for the future. This piece is composed from a wooden angel, a chipped ceramic piece, and a painted piece of wood. SOLD

The Blues features another piece of that lovely painted plywood. I'll hate to see it all used up. This time, it is paired with a fragment of fine furniture, the silver colored lid to a small jewelry box, and an acrylic blue face. 13" x 14" SOLD

Heavenly Music features a ceramic angel and two fragments of furniture 18" x 18" SOLD

Storm Surge is composed from a painted piece pf plywood, a metal basket, a rusty circular saw blade, a piece of tin, and a painted, damaged wooden manequin. This piece is about our flight from the water on August 29. We left so many parts of our lives behind, as symbolized by the detached wooden leg of the figure. 27" x 15" SOLD

Zodiac features three removable neck pieces. It was created from two pieces of plywood supports which were covered with a variety of hand made papers and coated with medium. The face of the figure was formed from polymer clay and painted with acrylics, and mounted on top of a brass crab which my friend Brenda recovered from her property after Katrina. The Body was once a tin ceiling tile that graced a house in pre-Katrina New Orleans. The arms are fragments of one of my bracelets which my husband found in the back almost a year after Katrina, and the leaves were taken from a smashed basket. The neck pieces include beads of stone, glass, and acrylic, as well as African brass kirdi beads and African trade beads, and a Chinese coin. 28" x 28" Other pieces in this series of wall art/wearable art may be seen at my other blog at: SOLD
Wild Angel was composed from a piece of flooring from my friends Paul and Stella LaViolette's home in Waveland, a piece of scrap plywood, a rusty and twisted piece of metal, the leg to a chair, a face made of polymer clay, and raffia. SOLD

"Northeast Quadra nt" from The Katrina Collection The Katrina Collection is a series of mixed media assemblages which incorpor...