Santo Turquesa was created from a carved Santo, a Mexican window guard and a salvaged piece of plywood. I have used many of these santos in my work, and never tire of looking at the artistry of unknown Guatemalan craftspeople.  SOLD
Warehouse District was composed from two fleur de lis napkin rings, an old bottle opener from New orleans, a salvaged ceramic face from my old studio, bottle caps and jewelry fragments, part of a small suitcase, the lid to a cigar box and a wood box.
St Charles Avenue incorporates a metal fleur de lis from a damaged napkin ring, two metal platters, a frame, and the panel from a kitchen cupboard.  St Charles Avenue in New Orleans is home to many fine homes, and I was reminded of them by the intricate design in the metal work.
Sheep was created from a Moravian tile, several piece of scrap wood, and three copper disks with the"Katrina Patina."
Shaman 4-Lakota was built round a furniture leg, candle holder, feathers, a piece of a carpet I pulled off the beach in Clermont harbor, wire and sage sticks.
Shaman 3-Lakota utilizes a candle holder, carved wood bust, fibers from a palm tree, feathers, cloth, sage sticks, and a furniture leg.
Shaman 2-Royalty was created from the wood bust, a candle holder, a leg from a piece of fine furniture, jewelry of mine that I salvaged after Katrina, and fabric from an antique store that was on the beach road in Bay St Louis.
Shaman 1-Rain Forrest was built around the carved wood bust, a turtle shell, dried seed pods, raffia and silk leaves, all mounted upon the base of a destroyed lamp.
Prodigal Son was created around the old photo of a WW soldier. I mounted it on a mirroe in a frame and surrounded it with copper wire. A second salvaged frame completes the piece.
Our Lady of Alambre was created from an acrylic statue, the metal lid to a powder box, a small box, a piece of picture frame molding, copper wire, bottlecaps, milagros, a metal serving platter and a bamboo tray.
Music was created using a Moravian tile, two pieces of salvaged lumber, fragments of metal from fine furniture and decorative pieces, and a coin with the :Katrina patina".
Moses was made from a carved Santo, Mexican window guard, metal shelf, damaged metal fleur de lis, and three pieces of frame molding.  SOLD
Harlequin 2 features an acrylic harlequin which began as a bookend, a glass and metal candle holder, a wood drawer, and several fragments of fine furniture.  SOLD
Good Dog Bad Dog 8 was made from a wood drawer, drawer pulls, bottle caps, part of a small suitcase, a painted piece of wood and a painted metal piece.
Fleur de Lis was fashioned from several pieces of salvaged wood, a Moravian tile, rusted bottlecaps and a bent staple.
Collective Unconscious was created from a wood box and various bits of jewelry and ceramic figures which I salvaged from my jewelry files that ended up in the woods behind my slab.
Bon Voyage was created from two wood boxes, a decorative wood object, damaged folk art, a parrot feather and the arm from a mannequin.
Blue Crab was created from a Moravian tile, several pieces of salvaged wood, copper disks, coins, and cowrie shells.

"Northeast Quadra nt" from The Katrina Collection The Katrina Collection is a series of mixed media assemblages which incorpor...