Land of Enchantment was created from a tin box, a New Mexico license plate, a mysterious metal piece, part of an old clock case, various fragments of furniture and a Mexican cross studded with milagros. SOLD

Leda and the Swan SOLD

Novena consists of a variety of croses, rosarie and other religious items, some of which were from debris piles and some not. I created rolled up pieces of painted paper on which are printed various novenas to accompany the crosses. They are all nestled within a printer's box, to which I added a carved Santos and a Mexican window guard. 17" x 34" SOLD

Nicosia Saint 5 is a big piece which incorporates an old metal sign, plywood, a metal roof tile from New Orleans, a metal picture frame and a piece of fancy brass, acrylic wings, a plaster god's head from Cyprus, and another metal fragment. 24" x 40" SOLD

Nicosia Saint 4 was created for my show with Gara Gillentine. It was made from a plaster head and glass "evil eye" charm from Cyprus, acrylic wings, beads, yarn, plywood, window guard, metal leaf, stone amulet and a wonderful piece of concrete-embedded wire which I have been holding for three years, looking for a perfect use for it. SOLD
Live Oak is made from a Mexican window guard, two painted pieces of plywood, a what was left of an old painting of mine. 21" x 30" SOLD

Gabriel's Mask 5 was made from one of Gabriel's masks, storm-damaged mardi gras beads, a painted metal clock and fabric. 25" x 35" SOLD

Fancy Fowl is composed from a piece of plywood, a metal fragment and battered piece of jewelry, a wood floor tile, wood heart and carv ed and painted wood chicken. 12" x 19" SOLD
Carnival was created from one of Gabriel Q's masks, a Mexican window guard nd a painted piece of plywood. SOLD

Cross with Fleur de Lis (Sacred Heart) is the first piece in a new series. There has been much in the news about the changing face of New Orleans since Katrina. One change is the number of Mexicans and Central Americans who have come in to the city to do the laborious job of cleaning up the city, and rebuilding structures. This infusion of Latin cultures is sure to leave its mark on the Big Easy-quite probably with at least as much influence as the first time. The piece is composed of a painted Mexican metal cross, a painted fleur de lis ceiling tile, and a piece of broken furniture from a Mississippi debris pile. 14" x 16" SOLD

New Orleans Milagro is the second piece in this series. It is made from a Mexican painted wooden cross studded with milagros, a rusted ceiling tile from Louisiana, a circular piece of metal which I uncovered in a debris pile on Highway 603, and a portion of a velvet lined silverware box. 17" x 21" SOLD

Spanish Quarter Cross is another piece in this series. It is made from a wooden cross with copper details, a Mexican ceramic tile, a wrought iron metal piece that is reminiscent of the French Quarter, a circular metal decorative plate, and a painted cupboard door panel. 11" x 17" SOLD

Snuff Bottle II features a small, intricately carved Chinese bottle with a lid and "spoon" attached. I picked up several of these at an antique store in Alameda, California on a recent trip there. This bottle looked perfect perched on its "seat" of concrete and brick. The support for the piece is a painted board with rusty screws and fragments of old shelving metal. 13" x 27" SOLD

Snuff Bottle I features another bottle from Alameda-this one is glass, and features a painting on the inside of the bottle. It is a beautiful piece, and I have complimented it with a small Japanese dish and a tarnished silver platter. 7" x 14" SOLD

Breastplate is so named because it reminds me of the Lakota ornamental pieces worn by members of this Plains tribe. It is composed from pieces of an old necklace I hade made 20 years ago, and dug out of the mud a few months ago. The beads are layered on top of a cupboard door and combined with several pieces of meatal and wood and two small ceramic tiles. 10" x 19" SOLD

Collage was created from a tiny Grecian bust, an old earring of mine, a miniature armoire, a fragment of a brass picture frame, a very rusted, circular piece of metal, a painted board, and a tv tray. 13" x 17" SOLD

Mose is a small piece which is made from a sculpture of Moses made in Italy, a metal iron baseplate, a candle holder, and a rusty silver serving bowl. 13" x 10" SOLD

Doorplate Saint was created from one of those car statues, an old doorplate, a silver serving platter, a carved wooden cross and a piece of battered wood. SOLD

Saint in a Blue Box (perhaps this is Joan of Arc?) is made from a battered plaster statue, a fragment of molding, a painted Mexican mirror, and the drawer from a piece of fine furniture. 10" x 23" SOLD

Cherub in Niche I is composed from a plaster statue, a fragment of fine furniture, and a large platter made from bamboo rings inlaid in acrylic. SOLD

Antelope is created from a piece of salvaged plywood, a Mexican wood and metal "window" which survived both Katrina and Rita as they blew through Louisiana, a slice of an agate which was once pat of a nightlife given to my husband by his youngest daughter, and a primitive metal antelope I picked up on a trip to Richmond. 20" x 39" SOLD

Bird of Paradise is composed from a section of a church pew, a wooden box, a wood human form with a fragment of furniture for the wings/arms, some wire, a metal platter, and a non-debris element-the metal flower. SOLD

Rethinking the Box was created for a fund raiser at the Museum of the Southwest in Midland, Texas. SOLD
Straight Razor Saints.

The following thirteen pieces all began when I found a collection of straight razor boxes at an antique store in northern Mississippi. I paired them with mardi gras earrings from my pre-Katrina collection, and added various other bits of debris and found objects to complete each of them. They are all small, ranging in height from 8" to 14".

Straight Razor Saint 7 SOLD

Straight Razor Saint 13 SOLD-thank you Michael!

Straight Razor Saint 12 SOLD

Straight Razor Saint 10 SOLD

Straight Razor Saint 11 SOLD

Straight Razor Saint 9 SOLD

Straight Razor Saint 8 SOLD

Straight Razor Saint 6 SOLD

Straight Razor Saint 5 SOLD

Straight Razor Saint 4 SOLD

Straight Razor Saint 3 SOLD
Gothic Angel starts with a table leg and a strip of filigree metal, detail from another piece of furniture. It is joined with some metal wings, a tarnished silver bowl, some beads strung on wire, and a crystal from a chandelier. The gothic arch is from post-Katrina Louisiana, and the support for the piece is a door to a kitchen cupboard. 19" x 33" SOLD

Wire Cross began with a rusty lid to a barrel mounted on a piece of plywood. I added a wood and wire cross and a carved wood santo. 24" x 34" SOLD

Tropical Overdose was made from a kitchen cabinet door, a piece of wood flooring, an acryli leaf and an acrylic pineapple, two ceramic leaves and a stuffed doll. SOLD

Full Moon Kitty is created from an old kitchen cabinet door, two circular pieces of wood of undetermined origin, another oddly shaped piece of salvaged and painted wood, and a painted wood cat. SOLD

Eight Paths is made from a fragment of fine furniture, a body surfing board, am acrylic Buddha and a piece of foam covered with handmade paper and painted with acrylics. The recesses hold eight scrolls. SOLD 7 /008

Early Morning Hours is about my favorite time of day. I recovered the broken platter from a friend's yard in Waveland, two table legs and part of a plant stand, a fragment of rusty shelving and a painted piece of plywood. SOLD

African Mask III SOLD 6/08

Way Out West is a fun piece which I made from a painted piece of salvaged plywood, what was left of a wonderful painting which I treasured for many years, two old frames and a piece of a tooled and painted leather wallet. 27" x 22" SOLD

"Northeast Quadra nt" from The Katrina Collection The Katrina Collection is a series of mixed media assemblages which incorpor...