Gustave Collage was made from two pieces of plexiglass, some handmade paper salvaged from Hurricane Gustave, acrylic paint, part of a book cover, , scraps of wood, and a rusty washer.

Portal II was created from a piece of plywood, a fragment of fine furniture, an opium bottle from China, and a fragment of a steel door which I picked up on the beach road a couple of weeks ago. The steel and wood has been stamped with Chinese characters. I swore to myself that I was not going to gather any debris from Hurricanes Ike and Gustav, but I could not resist this piece... 24" x 32"

Gustave Series

Just a few days after the third year anniversary of Katrina, Hurricane Gustav blew into Louisiana. While the Mississippi Gulf Coast was spared the worst of the storm, we did not escape the storm's effects entirely. In Clermont Harbor, where my husband and I were still living in a Katrina Cottage and also maintained a workshop, four feet of water covered our slab. The workshop was a shambles, and the Mississippi Emergency Management Agency evicted us from the flooded cottage. As we began cleaning up the mess, I came across several bags of small scraps of handmade papers, left over from my workshops. Even in their soggy, smelly condition they were too beautiful to throw away. I rinsed them, let them soak in some bleach water, and laid them out to dry on my slab. The collages I created from them are all approximately 12" x 12", and are available for sale.

Gustav/ Wood Nymph


Gustav/ O

Gustav/Landscape  SOLD


South by Southeast  has at its center a wonderful, horn and wood carved face of a Buddha I acquired from some folks who were cleaning out a storm damaged building. The figure was paired with two carved Chinese panels, a piece of embossed sheet metal, a circular Chinese platter from that same sale, and a rusted Mexican frame. The frame was a survivor of Hurricane Rita, which blew through Mississippi and Louisiana just weeks after Katrina. My interest in humanity's religious beliefs surfaces often in my work, and the Buddha is a favorite theme of mine.  Sold
This month marks the three year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. I decided to try and find a way to make some small, very affordable pieces to mark the anniversary. I made prints on canvas of several pieces of The Katrina Collection, and used them as the focal points of small collages which incorporate actual pieces of storm debris. These pieces range in price from $75- $150. Email me at for prices and availability of any particular piece.

Three Years 10 combines an image of a piece of the collection with two pieces of painted plywood salvaged from debris piles. 8" x 12"

Three Years 9 starts with an image of "Early Hours", mounted on a piece of wood flooring and a bamboo basket. 14" diameter
Three Years 8 incorporates an image of the Mumford Award for the Environment that I created for ADPSR, mounted on a salvaged piece of wood with metal, and a strip of metal banding. Approx 8" x 8"

Three Years 7 starts with a print of "Eyes of the Storm", to which I added stained cheesecloth and copper wire, and mounted on a piece of scrap plywood. 9" x 10"

Three Years 6 has an image of a piece of the collection mounted upon a salvaged fan blade and a piece of scrap, painted plywood. 18.5" x 9"

Three Years 5 features a print of "Full Moon Kitty", to which was added several pieces of metal banding and two scrap pieces of plywood. 18 " x 12"

Three Years 4 started with an image of a piece of the collection, mounted on two pieces of salvaged plywood. 8" x 11"

Three Years began with an image of "Universal Mother", a piece I did for the March of Dimes, a piece of salvaged plywood, a painted piece of canvas, a floor tile, a feather and a piece of beach glass. 17" x 17"

Three Years 2 has an image of a piece called "Darling Saint", a photograph of Ramoneda Street in Bay St Louis, copper tacks, canvas from one of my ruined paintings and a piece of salvaged plywood. 8.5" x 10.5"

Three Years 1 started with an image of a piece of the collection adhered to a painted gallery wrap canvas, to which I added yarn, dyed cheesecloth, feathers, copper wire, and a strip of metal banding. 10" x 20"

Virgin in the Temple was created with a carved wood Santo in a structure, a Mexican window guard, a piece of painted plywood and the base to a piece of fine furniture from a debris pile in Pass Christian. 19" x 27"  SOLD
Uptown Saint was created from window guard, a painted piece of plywood, two forks, a kitchen slicer, half of a furniture leg, two wheels from another piece of furniture, a metal fleur de lis that was once on a napkin ring, and a plaster head from Cyprus. 12" x 30"

Gulf Coast Egret is made from a couple of pieces of painted plywood, a metal serving tray and wood frame. 16" x 16"

Dreams of the Ordinary Man is a really fun piece I created from painted piece of plwood, a Mexican window guard, a fragment of someone's front door with the doorplate and latch still attahed, two old forks, a piece of cabinet hardware, a polymer face, metal "hair" and a cow horn. SOLD
Doggie of the World was created from a small metal dog I salvaged from the debris outside an antique store in Bay St Louis, a battered circular piece of metal, two other small fragments, a Mexican window guard and a painted piece of plywood. 27" x 27" SOLD

Camel Chop was created from a bone chop, a small painting on canvas, and a painted fragment of furniture. 13" x 24"

China is composed from a carved piece of soapstone, part of an Asian basket, a bamboo tray and a plastic frame mounted on plywood.

Nicosia Saint 3 was fashioned from a piece of oak flooring, a plastic piece which once embellished a piece of cheap furniture, the bottom and one of the ribs from a small barrel, a pottery shard, plastic wings and a plaster head which I picked up on my recent trip to the island of Cyprus. 12" x 24"
Nicosia Saint 2 was created from tw0 pieces of salvaged board, a metal cross and another of those wonderful plaster heads from Cyprus. 12" x 29"

Gabriel's Mask 4 was made from another Gabriel Q mask, a wood tabletop, and a decorative , circular piece of metal. 21" diameter

Ceramic Cross starts with the cross mounted on a piece of wood which I recently purchased. I layered it with a rusty piece of metal and a painted metal platter.
Cairo's Bayou starts with a small acrylic painting on plywood and three pieces of bamboo mounted on a drawer from a jewelry case. 17" x 11"

Church Music is composed from a piece of beadboard which I painted and distressed, a wonderful picture frame with four fleur de lis in the corners, a Mexican window guard, and the pieces from a smashed saxophone.

Asian Story is a very simple piece which combines a carved Chinese panelwith a bamboo tray. 39" x 13"

"Northeast Quadra nt" from The Katrina Collection The Katrina Collection is a series of mixed media assemblages which incorpor...