Chinese Stamps was fashioned from a set of exquisite rubber and wood block stamps which I picked up at an antique store which specializes in Chinese antiques on a recent trip to Richmond. I mounted the block on a piece of handmade paper printed with Chinese characters, and a salvaged picture frame. 9" x 11" SOLD
Chinese Box is made from a heavy piece of wood debris-I don't know what this once was. I added to it the painted Chinese box which I picked up on a recent trip to Richmond, VA, and inside the boc I glued some handmade paper and a salvaged Chinese coin-a little bit of hidden lagniappe. 12" x 12" SOLD

High Priestess II is composed aound a carved African mask, a fabric doll's gown, mardi gras and other beads, several pieces of costume jewelry, a framed dried flower arrangement, and a ceiling tin. SOLD

Three Crosses is composed of two plaster crosses, a rusty metal cross, and a charger. SOLD

Milagro Mirror begins with a punched tin piece from Mexico. It is adorned with a metal platter and mirror tiles, and is mounted on a piece of wood. SOLD

Mermaid II is composed of a metal figure, a platter, mirror tiles from a disco ball, a fragment of a chair, and an oval piece of wood. SOLD

Fossil I features a fossilized ammonite mounted on several pieces of handmade paper, a grass mat and an old linoleum tile. SOLD

Mermaid I consists of a tin figure, fragment of a chair, mirror tiles, a metal disk, and a piece of wood covered with cork. SOLD

Luck, Fate, Chance is about that age old question of theodicy, or why bad things happen to good people. The piece is composed of a hand that used to belong to a mannequin adorned with a rusty nail, two doll arms, a Chinese "good luck" hat, and several pieces of salvaged wood. SOLD

Fossil II begins with a fossilized amonite mounted on several sheets of handmade paper. These elements of the piece survived the storm in an art gallery in old town Bay St. Louis. The fragment of the grass mat and the flooring tile came from rubbish piles. SOLD

Travels II is a simply constructed piece which features a broken plaster figurine and a metal platter mounted on a decorative board. SOLD

High Priestess is an intriguing piece that consists of painted muslin, a decorative wooden furniture fragment, mirror tiles from a disco ball, an acrylic crystal, a metal piece adorned with a glass ruby, other costume jewelry, silk leaves and a ribbon, a cabinet door and a portion of a picture frame. 29" x 28" SOLD

The Least Angel is a sweet little piece which is composed around a tiny, miniature portarit of an angel in a frame. It is surrounded by a lovely piece of chipped fused glass, a rusted siler plate, plaster wings, a piece of filligre, and a broken aluminum paltter which is inlaid with shells. SOLD

Serenity II is composed from a painted and rusted metal piece, an African mask, a fragment of a rake, and a piece of moulding. SOLD

Cruciform I features the image of the tree in Waveland that has caught the attention of so many people. It is mounted on some salvaged handmade paper, a piece of battered plywood, and a wood nacking board. SOLD

Egyptian Eye incorporates ceramic tiles, rusted tin, a wood tile, vinyl record, and a fragment of a picture frame. SOLD
Mask V was made from a brass African mask, an old wood ski given me by Bay st Louis artists Dwight Issacs, a scrap piece of wood, and beads of glass, metal, and polymer clay, as well as thimbles, coins, and assorted other treasures. 14" x 50" SOLD

Frieda's Dance is composed from a piece of embossed metal, a Mexican tin and glass cross, a wonderful old doll who has lost her hair, and a damaged wood angel, also Mexican in origin. 20" x 26" SOLD

Soul is composed from several pieces of rusted metal, ceramic tile, plaster bust, twine and ploymer clay. SOLD

"Northeast Quadra nt" from The Katrina Collection The Katrina Collection is a series of mixed media assemblages which incorpor...