Elixer of Life was created from a wood box from which I salvaged the lid for another piece. A different lid has been attached and is hinged to the box. On the front I adhered a New Mexico license plate, a paper mache platter, and a carved wood figure. On the inside, there is a primitive cloth crow, a cast of an fossilized ammonite, several fragments of my jewelry (post Katrina) and a page from "Elixer of Life" by Alexandre Dumas.  SOLD
Spin this image counterclockwise a turn, and you will compensate for Blogger's refusal to display this right side up. This is the inside of Elixer of Life.
Saint on Pillar was fashioned from a Mexican wood and metal window guard, a salvaged wood pillar, a found wood santo, a mexican tin cross and a circular piece of metal.
Back Door Saint was created from a carved wood Santo, a wood bread bowl, and a support of Mexican wood and metal.
Worship II. Another big one.
Darling Saint was made with an image on canvas, copper nails, glass stones, canvas, a photograph,and Chinese coins
Prayer Rug was created with a fragment of a rug which I picked up off the beach near Clermont Harbor right after the storm. With its oriental style, it marries perfectly with faux metal coins I picked up in Istanbul, a brass platter and a wood fabric stamp from India, and a wood box.
Buddha II was created from a wood frame, cut metal, acrylic, and an imported wood figure. Yhis is a large piece-about 4 feet tall.
Buddha I was created from a wood frame, cut metal, acrylic, and an imported wood figure. Yhis is a large piece-about 4 feet tall.
Revival Circuit
Sacred Heart II was created from a Mexican painted tin sacred heart, a found frame with mirroer and a debris frame.
Sacred Heart I was created from a Mexican painted tin sacred heart, a found frame and a debris frame.  SOLD
Early Morning Hours was created from a scrap piece of plywood, the metal frame of an oversized clock, a bamboo charger, a piece of oak flooring, and an image on canvas of one of the early pieces of the Katrina Collection. The image of the rooster appealed to me because I am an early morning kind of person-often up and about at 4 am, my favorite time of day.  SOLD
Worship I was created from a wood frame, cut metal, plywood, acrylic and an imported carved wood figure.
Willard, Patron Saint of Time and Temperature was created from a fragment of a watch, a broken thermometer, a wood platter, an unidentified piece of something-doll furniture?-the handle to a drawer, a head of polymer clay, and metal wing. You have to be a person "of a certain age" to appreciate the humor in the title!  SOLD
Voodoo Traveler was created from an old suitcase, a wood drawer, and a voodoo doll which I had made and gifted to my daughter just a few weeks before Katrina. Her house flooded to the rafters, and I rescued this doll from that house.  SOLD
Virgin in the Garden was fashioned from a piece of plywood, a piece of carved wood, and a ceramic Virgin of Guadalupe.
 Home for the Holidays is from my traveling salesman series. It was created from two picture frames, the lid to a box of some sort, two acrylic santas, and part of a suitcase. The image in the center is very Victorian-looking; two little girls gazing wistfully out at the viewer.
The Least Madonna was made from a metal Virgin of Guadalupe, a woven image of Christ from Istanbul, a Mexican tin altar, a salvaged poicture frame, collaged papers, and scrap wood, glass and metal.
Milagro Cross was fashioned from a Mexican wood cross to which milagros have been attached, a metal picture frame, and a kitchen cupboard door.
Mexican Woodcut 2 was made from a carved piece of wood, a paper collage on plexiglass, a wood picture frame that Katrina dismantled for me, and a metal serving platter.
Mexican Woodcut was created from a carved piece of wood, a Mexican window guard and a salvaged frame.
King of Hearts was created from a kitchen cabinet door, a painted tin sheet, a mardi gras mask by Gabriel Q, and a painted fan.  SOLD
Household Saint was fashioned from a kitchen cupboard door, part of a headboard, violin keys, a slat from a flower barrel that did not survive Katrina, acrylic wings and a head made from polymer clay.
 Geometric Saint was created from  Mexican window guard, scrap beadboard from my new home, a fragment of cheap furniture, a slat from a flower barrel that did not survive Katrina, anoth piece of scrap wood,  a plaster god's head from Cyprus and acrylic wings.
Ammonite Jurassic is from the Found Object Mosaics series. I began this series when I started looking through the countless, very small pieces of storm debris from Katrina which I had not yet sorted. I started this particular piece with the cast ammonites which I had recently acquired, and incorporated a variety of small items which work with the fossil theme of the piece. I have a sizeable collection of fossils, picked up during my time in the Dakotas, and i have an endless fascination with them. Many of the other objects were recovered from my file cabinet of jewelry pieces after Katrina.  SOLD

"Northeast Quadra nt" from The Katrina Collection The Katrina Collection is a series of mixed media assemblages which incorpor...