Duet was fashioned from a bronze platter, a rattan serving tray, a piece of scrap beadboard from my new home, and a Chinese carving.
Bayou Road was fashioned from a reproduction of a pre-Katrina painting that I did on a piece of board, several more boards and a metal shelf racket, and stretcher bars from one of my ruined paintings.
Three Beasts was fashioned from an acrylic platter, a cookie sheet, part of a wicker chair, a wood box, and a Chinese carving.
Jesu in Black and Red was fashioned from a Jesus of polymer clay, a fragment of a billfold, the lid to a box, and a wood plaque.
 Two Hearts as One was made from a rusted Mexican tin sacred heart with a compartment that holds a cloth icon of a sacred heart. I mounted these over two salvaged frames and a wood plaque.  Sold
Silver Guadalupe was created from a metal Virgin of Guadalupe, fragments of what were once my jewelry, a battered silver metal frame, a fragment of a billfold, and the lid to a salvaged box.  SOLD
Oak was fashioned from a wood frame, a cardboard mat, and a salvaged metal leaf.
Flight was created from a salvaged frame, an acrylic face and polymer clay.
Traveling Altar was created from two salvaged frames, fragments of a billfold, four metal crosses, an angel charm, a fan-shaped piece of metal, milagros and a cloth icon.  SOLD

"Northeast Quadra nt" from The Katrina Collection The Katrina Collection is a series of mixed media assemblages which incorpor...