Mimosa at Buccaneer incorporates a small acrylic painting on wood, a drawer front and several pieces of salvaged wood. SOLD
Low Tide incorporates a small acrylic painting, and three different scraps of wood from various debris piles. 24" x 24" SOLD

Buccaneer Mimosa incorporates a drawer from a jewelry chest, a fragment of another drawer, and an acrylic painting on plywood. 15" x 12" SOLD
Blue Bayou incorporates a battered section of wall panel, two fragments of furniture, and a small acrylic painting on plywood. 17" x 16" SOLD

Bayou Trees starts with a small painting on plywood of the trees that grew on the edge of our bayou.I mounted the painting on an old metal iron stand and a painted and decoupaged wood plaque, and added a brass strip from a piece of fine furniture. 11" x 15" SOLD 7/08
Beast of Burden begins with the fragments of a Mexican tile. I mounted them upon a metal stove grill, a damaged painting of mine, and a wood tray with slats. 24" x 18" SOLD
Aias begins with the small ceramic painting from Greece. I mounted it on a metal disc and added the curved metal element, and adhered them to the piece of wood which was once part of a dresser drawer. The support for the piece is a wooden tray. SOLD

Lift Us Up started with an old ironing board which I had for months, and almost cut up several times before I found the perfect pieces to compliment it. Those pieces, I recently learned, are from a York forklift-if you look, you can see the word "York" spelled out in the metal (thanks, Vicki!) The remainder of the piece incorporates a wonderful chunk of concrete which I found on a foray with my dear friend Pat Saik, as well as a corroded aluminum platter and several other pieces of metal. SOLD

Katrina Angel is centered around the last carved wood angel which I salvaged from the rubble outside of an antique store on the beach in Bay St. Louis. The angel is right at home on a painted and goldleafed plaque and a charger plate from the same shop. 13" x 13" SOLD

Rocking Horse is about the loss of dreams. For me, that means the loss of my dream of living on the water. The piece is composed of a carved wood horse, a crushed metal basket, a wooden tile and a piece of painted plywood. 17" x 17" SOLD

Hand is about life here on the coast. I can't count the times that I made a trek to the beach to wade through the tidal pools, looking for living treasures like the shell which is cradled in this plaster hand. The rest of the piece consists of a crushed piece of tin, a grate from an oven, and a wooden tile. 17" x 17" SOLD

Fairey (the spelling is for you two, Chelsea and Alec) began with a naked mardi gras doll and a pair of wings which formerly graced a metal grasshopper. The fairey is mounted on a beautiful piece of copper to which is attached a piece of moulding. 20" x 14" SOLD

Guadalupe is close to my heart due to my affection for the Hispanic culture, which I first became acquainted with during my years in Arizona. The central image of the virgin is actually the front side of a phone card which I picked up off the street- I assume it was discarded by one of the many workers from Mexico and Central America who have come to help us. It is mounted on a matted print of some shrimp, and adorned with a metal wheel. A ceiling tin is underneath, resting on a placemat of desert wood. The whole compostition is supported bu a painted wooden cabinet door. 24" x 18" SOLD

Sea Turtle began its life as a platter which belonged to Waveland artist Anita Gallagher. I took two pieces of the broken pot and mounted them on a beautifully patined piece of copper. The horizontal support is provided by a furniture fragment which is augmented by several more small pieces of the pot. 19" x 14" SOLD

New Life is what we are seeing now in coastal Mississippi. For the first time since the storm, green things are coming out of the soil-it is such a relief to see somthing growing. This piece features a pottery fragment, a smashed silver platter, another smashed platter, this time of brass, three pieces of woven placemats, and a metal leaf. 14" x 14" SOLD

Tao I
starts with a piece of bone carved with a tale of one of the eight ways of the tao. It is married with two pieces of broken glass and mounted on a brass bowl. The support consists of a bamboo placemat and a wicker panel. 22" x 15" SOLD

Portal Angel starts with a drawer from what must have been a magnificent bureau. I added a plaster bust, rusted metal wings, and a fragment of a picture frame for horizontal support. 25" x 21" SOLD

Patina is one of my new favorites. I don't do that many abstract pieces, but these elements were perfect for an abstract work. it is put together from a piece of sheet copper, a copper framed "window" of some sort, two pieces of rusted metal, a piece of reinforced glass, and two shards of mirror glass. 26" x 26" SOLD

Blue Leaf Angel is a sweet little piece that is composed of a ceramic angel, a cast iron leaf, a heating grate, some plaster wings and a picture frame fragment. 17" x 15" SOLD

Katrina Lament (or "I Just Don't Know Where My Head Is These Days") is a whimsical piece which I enjoyed putting together. It is fashioned from a plaster figure, ceramic boots, head and angels, various furniture elements, a glass bead neckpiece, wooden tile and ceramic bathroom tiles. 16" x 25" SOLD

Japanese Dancer incorporates a cast metal figure from Japan, a bamboo platter from Vietnam, a hot plate, a wooden tile and the lid to a metal container. 16" x 16" SOLD

The Actor is comprised of a carved wooden figure, a broken piece of bisque fired clay, a plastic frame, a door to a piece of 1800s English furniture, and a rusted piece of painted metal. 23" x 21" SOLD

Good Dog, Bad Dog is from the Familiars series of the collection. Many cherished pets were lost in the storm, and their presence in our lives is sorely missed. This piece is joyfully composed of a decorative metal rack featuring two dogs and a fire hydrant, a third metal dog, bottle caps and several rusted pieces of metal. 18" x 18" SOLD

Year of Calamity is comprised of a ceramic cherub, a broken ceramic wing, two pieces of wood, a page from a book, a fan blade, a speaker cover and a piece of painted plywood. 26" x 22" SOLD

Benediction is put together from a wooden figure, an iron plate, leaded glass panes, a silver plated serving platter, and a fragment of fine furniture. SOLD

Gardening Angel
is a fun piece that was inspired by the strange looking figure of the woman.
She is mounted on a piece of decorative metal and flanked by two songbirds. They all rest in a painted metal tray to which metal wings on a wooden support have been attached. SOLD
Electric Angel is composed from a decorative wood platter. a book cover, a polymer face, and a smashed light fixture. 12" diameter. SOLD

All Those Cars is about the very vivid mental image I have of the thousands of cars which littered the coast in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. Nearly everyone I knew lost their car in the storm surge; upon returning to my town two days after Katrina, I found out how lucky I was to still have a car. As it turned out, that was all I had. This piece was created around the rusty model car-I do not know if it is a Model A or Model T or what, exactly. It is resting upon a battered copper bowl nestled in two drawers with a piece of shattered mirror in the background. SOLD

American Bandstand SOLD

Red Door SOLD

Turquoise Cross 9. This series of small collages was created on a day that I forgot to bring my laptop with me to work. I purchased the small turquoise crosses from my friends Sid and Pam Yoder, who are jewelers in our co-op gallery in Bay St Louis, ran up to the dollar store and bought small acrylic frames with stands, and gathered together bits of salvaged paper. They are all 4" x 5". SOLD

Turquoise Cross 8 SOLD

Turquoise Cross 7. SOLD

Turquoise Cross 6 SOLD
Turquoise Cross 5 SOLD
Turquoise Cross 4 SOLD

Turquoise Cross 3 SOLD

Turquoise Cross 2 SOLD
Turquoise Cross SOLD
Sarajian Fish was created for my friend Jay Sarajian, one of the crew of volunteers that came to Pinetucky Road last fall to give us a hand in getting the house built. SOLD

Flora is composed of a painted piece of polymer clay, handmade paper and a debris frame. approx 14" x 16" SOLD

Stained Glass Cross features a damaged wood cross which is mounted upon an old, small window. The stained glass effect was created by adhering pieces from a stained glass light fixture which was given to me by my friend Anita, who lost her home in Waveland. 7 1/2" x 111/2" SOLD

Stained Glass Cross II features a damaged wood cross which is mounted upon an old, small window. The stained glass effect was created by adhering pieces from a stained glass light fixture which was given to me by my friend Anita, who lost her home in Waveland. 7 1/2" x 111/2" SOLD

Nautilus Story begins with the brass replica of a shell. I layered it upon a wood platter on which I wrote my personal storm story; a fragment of fine furniture to which some handmade paper has been adhered and which includes more of my story, and an old mirror backing which I painted and attached more handmade paper. SOLD

Milagro Doll is composed from an unusual doll,, and some wood fragments to which are attached numerous milagros. The circular piece of painted metal, some drawer handles and a bit of salvaged jewelry complete the piece. SOLD 6/08

Church Music II references the incredible contribution that church musicians have made to the cultural milieu of the Deep South. This piece is fashioned from a chipped panel from a piece of fine furniture, a Mexican wood and metal window guard, and a damaged trumpet. SOLD

Alice's Tulip is built around the copper relief sketch in the center. It was given to me by my friend Alice, who suffered heavy damage to her home on Sycamore Street in Bay St. Louis. I mounted it in a portion of a very rusty Mexican picture frame, and enhanced the piece with a piece of sandpaper, some damaged disco mirror tiles, a fragment of brass, brass tacks and mounted the piece on a fragment of wood. SOLD

"Northeast Quadra nt" from The Katrina Collection The Katrina Collection is a series of mixed media assemblages which incorpor...