Virgin in the Temple was created with a carved wood Santo in a structure, a Mexican window guard, a piece of painted plywood and the base to a piece of fine furniture from a debris pile in Pass Christian. 19" x 27"  SOLD
Uptown Saint was created from window guard, a painted piece of plywood, two forks, a kitchen slicer, half of a furniture leg, two wheels from another piece of furniture, a metal fleur de lis that was once on a napkin ring, and a plaster head from Cyprus. 12" x 30"

Gulf Coast Egret is made from a couple of pieces of painted plywood, a metal serving tray and wood frame. 16" x 16"

Dreams of the Ordinary Man is a really fun piece I created from painted piece of plwood, a Mexican window guard, a fragment of someone's front door with the doorplate and latch still attahed, two old forks, a piece of cabinet hardware, a polymer face, metal "hair" and a cow horn. SOLD
Doggie of the World was created from a small metal dog I salvaged from the debris outside an antique store in Bay St Louis, a battered circular piece of metal, two other small fragments, a Mexican window guard and a painted piece of plywood. 27" x 27" SOLD

Camel Chop was created from a bone chop, a small painting on canvas, and a painted fragment of furniture. 13" x 24"

China is composed from a carved piece of soapstone, part of an Asian basket, a bamboo tray and a plastic frame mounted on plywood.

"Northeast Quadra nt" from The Katrina Collection The Katrina Collection is a series of mixed media assemblages which incorpor...