Rusty Angel was created from two pieces of rusting metal, a drawer front and a wood angel. 15" x 12" SOLD

Party Favours is built around a painted metal carnival mask which is surrounded by a broken metal frame and rests upon a silver plated trivet, a chipped Italian dinner plate, and three pieces of wood tile. SOLD

Second Cherub features a wooden picture frame, aluminum platter, ceiling tin, metal wings, a silver plated trivet, and the cherub. SOLD

Olive Branch is comprised of a rusty piece of metal, a bamboo platter, a crushed Mexican copper pan from my kitchen, and the decorative metal olive branch. SOLD

Serenity is the word that came to mind when I first saw this mask. It is a carved African mask, and is embraced by a bamboo tray, a portion of a picture frame, a piece off of a chair, and a round piece of wood. 19" x 28" SOLD

Orpheum is about the famous old theatre in New Orleans, which suffered heavy damage in Katrina. The piece is erected around the carved wood theatrical figure, and incorporates a painted roofing tin, the remnants of a jewelry box, a painted and rusted metal serving tray, and a piece of fine furniture. 24" x 32" SOLD

Chinese Panel I is built around a carved piece of wood which came from an antique (circa 1850) Chinese wedding bed. It is mounted on a gold charger, and supported by a fragment of woven wood and a piece of a chair. 20" x 20" SOLD

Chinese Panel II is another piece from that same antique Chinese bed, which I bought in an antiques store in Jackson, Mississippi. The background for this piece consists of another charger, a painted wooden box, and a portion of a picture frame which I later learned had previously embraced a painting by the wonderful Michelle Allee of Pass Christian. 19" x 19" SOLD

Carnival Pranks gets its name from the sheet music which is behind the glass face. The remainder of the piece consists of a frame, a circular piece of metal with glass beads, three wooden tiles, a fragment of a chair, and a metal support. 18" x 27" SOLD

Katrina Time began with the gorgeous mantel clock given to me by a friend. It is mounted on a door to a piece of fine furniture and half of a table top, and is flanked with fragments of a mardi gras gown, rusted wire, and metal leaves. 45" x 26" SOLD

Songbird was created for the owners of a shop of Main Street in Bay St. Louis. Pam and Joy generously invited me to salvage whatever I could from their shop. The piece is composed of a metal cardinal wall piece, a gold painted charging plate, a wooden frame and a half moon. I left the damaged price tag attached, with the name of the shop, Twin Lights Creations, visible. 24" x 30"


Nutcracker is composed with a damaged metal nutcracker, a gold painted platter and buttons, metal rods, a frame and sheet music. 18" x 32"


Looking Both Ways features a plaster double faced mask mounted on a piece of wicker furniture, a metal platter and three different pieces of wood. 37" x 18" SOLD

Cross and Glass is made from some shattered glass, a piece of wicker furniture, handmade paper, a furniture panel, a small piece of painted wood, and a plaster cross. 19" x 9" SOLD

Angel of the Heart incorporates a carved wooden angel, a heart made from wire and glass beads, a piece of lawn furniture webbing, a glass plate, ceramic wings and a rusty piece of metal. 30" x 13" SOLD
Universal Mother is a piece I created for a fund raiser for the Mississippi Chapter of the March of Dimes. It was created from two fragments of fine furniture, a lid to a tin box, and three dolls which I created from wood, fabric, polymer clay and acrylic paint. SOLD

Tribal began with the rusty kitchen vegetable slicer what are those things called, anyway?), a metal candle holder, half of a table leg, another piece of wood, and a leather face from post Katrina New Orleans. SOLD

Old House was almost named Napoleon, because my friend Mark said that it looked like the man. I gave it the alternate name though, because of the elements of which it is composed. The base is a leg portion of a small table to which I attached a rusty license plate and some curtain rods wrapped in wire. The circular piece is an old vent-Mark says from an air conditioning system-and the top is an elegantly carved fragment of fine furniture. These elements did not all come from the same house, but they could have-one that belonged to someone's grandma. SOLD

Jailhouse Angel is so named because I used a toy handcuff for the halo. It graces the slavaged head of a purchased angel, which is mounted upon a silver vase turned upside down. The top of the vase is adorned with a steel fleur de lis. SOLD

Heron in the Grass starts with another of those beautiful metal herons which I salvaged from an antique store on the beach in Bay St. Louis. It is mounted upon a salvaged shutter and paired with other pieces of rusty metal, including the beautiful spiral rack which used to hang in my kitchen in Clermont Harbor. 19" x 41" SOLD

Heartland is a very simple piece which is small and elegant. I mounted a rusty piece of tin on a piece of moulding and attached a thin piece of brass trim. In front of this support is a beautiful piece of brass which may have been a vase of some sort. SOLD
Flight of Fancy starts with a smashed silver salt or pepper shaker which I found early on and then misplaced for a year. I attached a bead from a necklace I recovered in my yard and an arm/wing shaped tidbit, and mounted them in a small box which is nestled into a tarnished silver platter. SoOLD

Filligrie Angel features a purchased ceramic angel mounted upon a silver trivet and a ceramic plate enhanced with some beautiful silver work. SOLD

Druid is made from a small copper platter, a purchased wooden figure, a salvaged face, some contaminated coin, another metal disc, a metal leaf, and a piece of salvaged moulding. 9" x 11" x 4" freestanding. SOLD

Doorway started with the beautifully painted wood fragment which serves as the support for the piece. A wicker basket is mounted upon the wood and holds another, old piece of rough cut wood. I formed the central figure from polymer clay. This piece is symbolic of the position in which we found ourselves after the storm; we were all faced with a situation which was unfamiliar and frightening, but there was nothing to do but walk through the portal to our new lives. 23" x 12" SOLD

Chain of Events incorporates the back to one of my husband's hand made chairs, a length of chain, a metal ring, an old tobacco tin, and an Eastern carving. 11" x 19" SOLD

Brenda's Horses was one of those [pieces which took a year to come together. The smashed washtub was one which my friend Brenda used to feed her goats. She lost the goats, as well as her horses and cats in the storm. Her husband pointed out the washtub to me when it was laying in the field months later, then delivered it to the makeshift studio I had set up on their property. I wanted to find a way to preserve the "3" on the bottom of the tub-and when I found these metal horses, it all came together. SOLD

Silver From the Pass starts with another piece from my friend Nancy. This time, the platter is matched with a painted wooden shelf with a mirror upon which sits and old very small oil lamp. SOLD

Ace of Hearts is put together from a decorative metal sheet, a piece of furniture covered in cheesecloth and painted, a piece of wicker, a metal tray and carved cardinals. 30" x 18" SOLD

"Northeast Quadra nt" from The Katrina Collection The Katrina Collection is a series of mixed media assemblages which incorpor...