Geisha is a small piece which began with the metal easel, which I found outside the rubble of a Bay St Louis antiques store. I paired it with a curved piece of scrap wood, and a small plastic decorative element. The "head" of the geisha is a shaped piece of glass that rests upon a coil of rusty wire. Another piece of metal serves as her headdress, and the body form is an antique Chinese chopstick holder. (I know, geishas are Japanese, but I took some liberties here-) 12" x 16" x 8" deep SOLD

Translucence II has another of the glass tiles, married with a black platter, metal candle holder and a rusted metal plate. SOLD

Translucence starts with a thick piece of glass which has gold leaf adhered to the back. It is mounted on a metal candle holder, an acrylic charger, a piece of wooden tile and a fragment of a picture frame. SOLD

Leaf Dance consists of a copper bracelet and a wooden human form cradled in a painted ceramic leaf. 6" x 8" SOLD

Night Heron came to be when a friend gave me the rusted metal heron. I joined it with the metal grate, patinaed metal charger and a piece of painted plywood to make the piece. 26" x 19"


Harpie Dance features a wonderful dancing doll who has lost her head (but who managed to hang on to her pantyhose and bloomers), a harp, and two furniture fragments. 40" x 33" SOLD

Vessel is composed from a Chinese ceramic vase, copper tubing, a brass flower form, windshield glass and a wooden drawer. SOLD

Tex-Mex Sacred. What fun I had with this piece. It began with the Mexican painted tin and the Cow horns with the mirror which came from post Katrina New Orleans. I mounted them on a piece of wicker on board which came from a debris pile in Waveland, and painted "corazon sagrado" (sacred heart) on the mirror. 18" x 18" SOLD

Angelic starts with a broken plaster figure, nestled in a smashed wooden bowl and a fragment of pottery. Another piece of wood with wires forms the next layer, and an acrylic charger is next. Painted metal wings, a circular piece of wire and a panel from a piece of antique English furniture complete the piece. SOLD

Blue Moon Fish starts with a ceramic fish from the studio of a local potter. It is mounted on an aluminum disk, a piece of wood and a gold charger. SOLD

Dragonfly is composed around a crushed bird cage which laid around my studio for four or five months before I found the perfect pieces for it. Those pieces consist of a painted and rusted metal dragonfly, a piece of painted plywood, a fragment of thick glass, and a gas burner cover. SOLD

Dragon incorporates a beautifully carved dragon on what is, I think, a fragment of a piece of fine furniture. It is mounted on an equally fine panel, and is accompanied by the legs of what used to be a small table which belonged to my husband's mother. Four brass cabinet knobs complete the piece. 19" x 43" SOLD

"Northeast Quadra nt" from The Katrina Collection The Katrina Collection is a series of mixed media assemblages which incorpor...