Doorplate Angel

Framed Shard 2

Framed Shard 1
Butterfly Angel is one of a series of angels and saints within the Katrina Collection. I have repeatedly used angels as metaphor for the volunteers who have come by the thousands to help us rebuild our lives. This particular piece is especially meaningful to me as the wood "body" of the angel is a slat from a small flower barrel given to me by a friend. Katrina unassembled the barrel, and the pieces ended up in my studio. The angel's head was created from polymer clay, and taken from a mold I made of a plaster god's head I picked up in Cyprus.The wings and the doorplate are of metal, and retrieved from a debris pile on the coast.  SOLD

Gustav Abstract 4 15" x 22"

Gustav Abstract 6 is a paper collage mounted on plexiglass. 15" x 22".
Gustav Abstract 5 15" x 22"
Gustav Abstract 3 15" x 22"
Gustav Abstract 2 15" x 22"

Gustav Abstract 1 15" x 22"

Cross and Grid was created from a Mexican window guard, a piece of scrap plywood, a rusted piece of metal and a ceramic cross. 20" x 28"  SOLD
Bread and Roses was created from a polymer clay head, a painted piece of wood and another scrap of wood, a slat to a wood barrel, two metal long stemmed roses, a fragment of a stained glass lampshade, and a battered charger. 12" x 17" SOLD

Boogey Board Buddha was created from a boogie board that I plucked from a pile of debris on the beach in Waveland, a picture frame from another debris pile, and a Buddha head that I painted. Religious figures from all traditions hold a fascination for me and the Buddha is one of my favorites.   SOLD

"Northeast Quadra nt" from The Katrina Collection The Katrina Collection is a series of mixed media assemblages which incorpor...