Mumford Award for Socially Responsible Development. It is composed from actual elements of a structure, as well as elements which remind us of graceful living in our homes. I formed the base of the piece from a fragment of a round, carved wooden bowl which rests upon two pieces of wood flooring. Three rusted doorplates form the vertical element of the piece, and resting on top of the plates is an architectural fragment. In front and center is a carved and painted wood finial which rests upon a napkin ring. Creating this piece, I reflected upon the challenges we face here on the coast as we struggle to rebuild after the storm. Our wetlands are beig threatened by overdevelopment, and our towns are in serious danger of losing the genuineness and charm which made us unique. The arched element at the top and the door plates represent our need for security in our homes, while the finial and napkin ring are symbolic of our spiritul need for beauty in our lives. 14" x 12" SOLD

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