Mumford Award for Peace. Recently, I was contacted by a representative of the national group Architects, Designers and Planners for Social Responsibility to create for them this year's Mumford Awards, which honors people and organizations that exemplify ADPSR’s goals of peace, preservation of the natural and built environment, and socially responsible development. I was thrilled to be able to accomodate them. SOLD

This first one was an especially enjoyable one for me to create, because of a story I will relate a few sentences down. I began the piece with the curved wood element which was once part of a rocking chair. It was given to me only recently by a friend who is still sorting through her debris. I mounted it upon a piece of elaborate moulding and suspended three pieces of metal from the wood. On the smallest disc is painted a symbol for peace, the Pax Cultura. There is a great story about this piece, too- about two weeks before I was first contacted by the group, my husband came to me with a small lump of rust in which was embedded the piece of turquoise from the shell on the environment award. I was really happy, because this piece of turquoise was the first thing we had found from the treehouse-I kept all my jewelry supplies up there, including a treasure of semi precious stones, amber and coral. I turned the lump of rust over to see the back side, and discovered that it had formed upon a small political pin which I had in my collection of campaign pins. It had the letters "ABR" in black on a white background, and it had been given to me, in the 1980s, by Dr. Helen Caldicott, a past winner of one of their peace awards! When I googled ADPSR and saw that she had been a recipient, I had to find a way to incorporate it in to the award. 10" x 13"

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