Angel Delorosa (Sorrowful Angel) is a poignant piece with an interesting story. The face of the angel is another of those remnants from some of my mardi gras stash, and it is surrounded by a "halo" of a metal napkin ring which formerly sported a fleur de lis. The body of the angel is the handle to a metal basket, and the damaged wings are from another angel who is forever lost to Hurricane Katrina. The angle is affixed to an antique (I think) mirrored candle sconce, which is adhered to a metal Mexican frame which I picked up in Louisiana a few months ago. The story is that when I stopped at this Mexican import shop and bought this damaged, rusted frame with the tile inserts, the owner of the shop just happened to mention that some of his merchandise, including this frame, had been damaged when Hurricanes Katrina, then Rita, wreaked havoc upon the merchandise he stored outside. 19" x 23" SOLD

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