Southern Sundance reveals some of my own roots. A native of South Dakota, I was strongly influenced by the culture of Native Americans. The strongest element in this piece is the buffalo shoulder bone, weathered and discolored from age and the elements. I had brought it with me from my last trip to the Dakotas, along with the fossilized ammonite shell. The shell settled only feet from where it had been kept in my house. The bone was another story; I found it several lots north of where my studio had been, in the trunk where it had rested with other bones and some wild turkey feathers. The brass sand dollar brings the piece back home to the coast, and the rusty metal forms a natural crosspiece. The orange metal pieces are to be likened to the sun’s rays, and the crosses point to the suffering of both those sun dancers of the plains, and the victims of Katrina. The support is of handmade paper, burlap and board. 26" x 40"


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