Alma Domus is the name of the convent in Siena, Italy that I called home for several days in the fall of 2010. It was a wonderful place, just a couple of blocks from Piazza del Campo, with wonderful sights of the medieval areas of the town, frequent church bells and according to my roommates, a dog that barked a lot in the middle of the night-I slept through that part. For some nice lagniappe, I had only to walk down the tunnel behind the figure to my favorite bar in Siena. This portal box was layered with acrylic washes and photographs from my trips; the cover is from a walk around Rome, and I also added a fleur de lis that was once a napkin ring, some metal doo-dads and the wood manikin I covered with paper and paint. That really isn't me leaning on that tunnel wall; as far as I can recall, I was always able to stay upright on my return trips from the bar. Oh yeah, this piece is about travel as portal...I think I just experienced some of that, retrospectively.  5.5" x 8" x 2"

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Gloria said...

I like this very much. Nice work. Is this a cigar box? Wonderful.