Society Pages 12. This piece, and the eleven that follow, were begun during the first year after Katrina.  At that time, I was still working in the blown out garage on the property owned by my incredible friends, Steve and Brenda Lady. I had salvaged a big pile of scrapbooks with newspaper clippings from the New Orleans Times Picayune Society Section from an antique store in Bay St. Louis. I had collaged them together on more than a dozen sheets of watercolor paper, and never done anything more with them.  I pulled those papers out recently, and mounted them on sheets of plexiglass. I adhered old photographs to the front, added some kraft paper around the edges, and started having fun with color crayons and acrylic paints. A few pieces received treatment from some watercolor crayons as well, and for the final touch I adhered nails, coins with the "Katrina Patina", glass tiles from a disco ball I found on the beach, and other oddities to the surfaces of the pieces. I am very happy with the results-these pieces have a richness and depth that is very appealing.

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