Sleeping on the Asphalt is about that first couple of weeks after Katrina, when so many people were sleeping outside in parking lots. My husband and I spent a period of time sleeping on the asphalt of a motel parking lot in Waveland, along with hundreds of other people. It was a strange experience I hope not to repeat. The "halo" doubles in meaning as a helicopter blade- the chopper base was across the street, and the landings and take-offs went on uninterrupted for weeks. The dirty arms and legs recall our inability to remain clean, with no power or water, and the door plate indicates that our shelter had been taken from us. The vertical structure is a piece of driftwood which symbolizes the storm surge, and the chair back points to the deconstructed condition of our lives. The rusted wire is about how we were trying desperately to hold ourselves together. 22" x 23" SOLD

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