Cross with Fleur de Lis (Sacred Heart) is the first piece in a new series. There has been much in the news about the changing face of New Orleans since Katrina. One change is the number of Mexicans and Central Americans who have come in to the city to do the laborious job of cleaning up the city, and rebuilding structures. This infusion of Latin cultures is sure to leave its mark on the Big Easy-quite probably with at least as much influence as the first time. The piece is composed of a painted Mexican metal cross, a painted fleur de lis ceiling tile, and a piece of broken furniture from a Mississippi debris pile. 14" x 16" SOLD

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i love your work! I live in the Outer Banks, NC & have lived in constant awareness of mother nature and her power.

Is your piece "Cross and Fleur de Lis" available to purchase? Please email me at fpcafe@earthlink.net